What is Artefact?

What is Artefact

ARTEFACT is our latest CSR initiative whereby you, as a customer, are encouraged to bring-back your unwanted Wood Wood items to ensure their lifespan is extended.

What do you have to do? Decide what to bring back to any Wood Wood store. Save yourself time skipping all the steps that come with reselling as an individual. We take care of everything - in return we give you a 15% discount to use in any Wood Wood Flagship on both new and used Wood Wood products.

Most people have items in their wardrobes they no longer wear, for many reasons - a change of taste, an impulse purchase, size is too big or small, and so on. We recognise the value of our products and that these are coveted to others with similar taste.

ARTEFACT urges consumers to change their perception of clothing and wants to give a second chance to unwanted clothing items, thus extending their use. Over the past seventeen years, Wood Wood has built a large customer base of individuals, and now we want to open up a market for deadstock Wood Wood clothing.

Please hand in any of your pre-loved clothing at any of the following locations:

W.W. Aarhus

Guldsmedgade 22D 
8000 Aarhus C 

T: +45 3535 6264 Ext. 4
E: aarhus@woodwood.com

W.W. Berlin

Rochstrasse 4 
10178 Berlin 

T: +49 (0) 3028047877 
E: berlin@woodwood.com

W.W. Copenhagen

Grønnegade 1 
1107 Copenhagen K 

T: +45 3535 6264, Ext. 3 
E: copenhagen@woodwood.com

W.W. Frederiksberg

Gl. Kongevej 47 
1610 Copenhagen V 

T: +45 3535 6264, Ext. 6
E: frederiksberg@woodwood.com

W.W. London
33-35 Brewer Street
Soho, London

T: 020 7434 3354 
E: london@woodwood.com

Frederiksborggade 54
1366 Copenhagen K

T: +45 3535 6264, Ext. 5
E: museum@woodwood.com

W.W. Souvenir Shop
Copenhagen Airport
Terminal 2

T: +45 2597 8999 
E: souvenir@woodwood.com